This Audi arrived through our doors a non-runner after breaking down on the customer a day or two previous. We were informed it would start and immediately cut out.

Our diagnostic process in most cases starts with reading the Error memory on the significant control unit, in this case we used Bosch’ ESI diagnostic software so it’s just as easy to run a system overview on the whole car. The fault code that undoubtedly stood out from the rest was ‘P001600 Camshaft timing advance (bank 1) Incorrect assignment’. This was logged on the vehicles engine management system (Diesel EDC 17C46 UDS) and was the only fault listed on this system.

This led the technician to remove the top timing belt cover for a visual inspection of the timing belt. Revealing a messy pile of debris and broken up belt. The cause of this was made clear upon further inspection, identifying a broken fuel pump pulley bolt. This had caused the belt to skip teeth on the camshaft pulley accounting for the ‘P001600’ fault code and the non-running issues. As far as timing faults go this was a pretty impressive failure and a lucky escape for the customer.




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Important A/C info if you have a Hybrid or Electric vehicle

Please be aware that if you have a Hybrid or Electric vehicle that requires the Air Conditioning system charging or repairing then make sure the Garage use the correct POE oil, this oil is only used in Hybrid and Electric vehicles and will not mix with the more common PAG oil used in other systems. If these oils are mixed then serious damage to the A/C system will occur.

Dave GrahamImportant A/C info if you have a Hybrid or Electric vehicle
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Congratulations to Lewis on Air Conditioning exam

Well done Lewis, 100% and a Distinction in your Air Conditioning exam, over half way through the Diagnostic program now, this is a challenging training program but to get 100% shows the work you are putting in.

Dave GrahamCongratulations to Lewis on Air Conditioning exam
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