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This is an aerial off an Audi A7. The car is a bit of a special one, manufactured in 2010 it has 2 front radar sensors and a laser sensor for long range detection which is very rare for a car of its age and would with no doubt been a top of the range


Volkswagen Tiguan [clutch fault] This Tiguan came to us on the back of a recovery truck with the clutch pedal stuck to the floor. Straight away that indicated a hydraulic issue in the clutch system, so the first thing our technician did is check for leaks. Under inspection clutch fluid was pouring out the bellhousing

Obstructing ADAS sensors

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), we have worked on most variants of these systems and it has become a big part of what we do at Autotest. ADAS sensors in general need calibrating after various procedures. Predominantly we see body work removal or interference with geometry as main reasons for vehicles needing autonomous driving (AD)

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